martes, 22 de enero de 2019

Case Study - How Hong Kong Airlines turned a pricing crisis into a PR success

With a 4,900% increase in engagements in just one week

Case Study

+268% mentions. Consistent positive sentiment. That's a well managed crisis.

Hi , are you ready for a crisis? Hong Kong Airlines was, when they were hit with a mispricing issue in August 2018. They had the choice of taking the financial hit, or facing the wrath of the internet.

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Hong Kong Airlines   Case Study

But with accurate social media monitoring, they knew just what to do.

  • See how they prepared to handle a crisis.
  • How they turned the issue into a PR win.
  • And how their competitor analysis revealed just how badly it could have been (91.4% negative sentiment. Sorry BA).
Turn your crisis into a success

Dan Seavers

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