martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Talkwalker Tip #2: Track only relevant results!



Sometimes broad search queries can lead to you having to sift through many alerts to find useful content. I've put together a few examples to help you filter your queries for the most relevant results.

1. Use simple Boolean operators like AND, OR, AND NOT: AND between keywords finds all entries with the two keywords mentioned on the web. OR finds all entries that include either of the keywords mentioned in the same article. AND NOT reduces the number of results and will eliminate some irrelevant keywords from the entry.


2. Combine searches using brackets: Brackets help to organize keywords and operators. BMW AND (motorcycle OR car) To get results containing multiple keywords together you can group keywords in brackets by applying operators to multiple terms (distributive law).

3. Wildcard search: Wildcard operator * stands for 0 or any possible number and can be used to complete a keyword. This operator should be added at the end of the keyword. The ? has a similar function but replaces only 1 character.

Refine your search queries and let Talkwalker Alerts keep an eye out for all the relevant results!

Happy Alerting!


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